Monday, December 20, 2010

Call us Butter 'cause we're on a Roll

My Hubs made coffee & cinnamon rolls while I was getting ready before work the other day :) They didn't look very pretty haha but they tasted amazing! Even though they were so simple to make it made me smile that he took the time to do it. [yes, I'm aware that my coffee looks like chocolate milk haha, thats how I like it]

He has a growing passion for cooking...He is always wanting to bake or grill something & I just absolutely LOVE it! I'm not that great of a cook {at all} but I'm trying to be better. Derek on the other hand [in my opinion anyway], is phenomenal at it! He loves trying new recipes & grilling different things w/ different spices & marinades. He grilled chicken the other day & it was better than any that I've EVER had! I don't even know what he put on it & he probably doesn't remember haha. Anyway, I just wanted to brag on the hubs a little because I don't think I do that enough :) His cooking skills may not be fantastic to anyone else but I think he could be a chef someday!

Friday night we went to see Tron with our friends David & Robin & it was so good! We had them over for coffee after the movie & dinner at IHOP, it was nice just getting comfy on our couch while watching The Office with them haha. We're so grateful to have them in our lives, God has blessed us with so many amazing friends & I don't feel like I show my love for them enough. So thank you, all of you amazing people that have been a part of our life here. Thank you for praying for us & for spending time with us & for having us over & having coffee dates with us...Thank you :)

I'm excited to get to see hubs today after work! He's been in Dallas all weekend with his Dad for the Cowboys game & I've missed him tremendously! I've enjoyed my alone time but we haven't spent much time apart since June so it was not fun going to bed without my snuggle partner ;) haha


  1. aww I love a man who can cook! and Tyler does a wonderful job at cooking =) i told him if he keeps it up i'm just going to HAVE to marry him hehe.. but seriously i hate cooking.. the mess just doesn't make it worth it to me haha

    and so glad you're gettin him back.. even though EVERYONE needs a little alone time =)

  2. I promise some steaks soon.... :) I love you!