Monday, September 13, 2010

His plan. not mine.

For more than half of my life I have been a PK(preachers kid). There were times when I claimed to hate this, especially during my middle school & high school years. But when I looked around at my friends parents & their families & how sometimes their parents didnt even know where they were at night, I became much more grateful for the strictness of my parents & the minor arguments our family had. Deep down I loved being the daughter of the man that others looked up to & sought for prayer, counsel, & advice. As I got older I loved being the PK but mostly at church; where the old ladies would hug me & say how proud & thankful they were for our family, where the youth pastor's daughter was just like a sister, where Derek & I were a part of the decision making for our collegiate ministry, where I sat with my mom every Sunday, where everyone knew my name and where I heard God speak through my Dad every Sunday. I know these seem petty but these are things I cherished about our church. I didnt think I would be crying while writing this but holding my emotions back isnt exactly my strong suit...

The second time Derek & I attended Central Baptist we felt God calling us to membership there. I know this seems hasty & maybe it was but we knew right then that was where He wanted us to be. We continued to pray about about this decision & when membership class rolled around there was no doubt that we would be attending. We call Central home now after only three months of attendance.

When my dad decided to follow God's calling of planting a church in Walnut Ridge I was so stoked! But I knew that for once in my life I would not be a part of the church that he pastored. This was very hard for he & I to swallow but I believe he & my mom are proud of Derek & I for seeking God's will & following through with membership at Central. I look forward to hearing about the amazing things God is & will continue to do at Wellspring in Walnut Ridge. My dad is not a big fan of change, we are very alike on that. He is taking huge steps of faith right now & relying on God to place the ground below him. I admire him more than anyone else in my life & absolutely love that he & the rest of my family are near us. I ask that you pray for He & my family. I also ask that you pray for The Journey(the college & 20's part of Central). The Journey is changing as well & we cant wait to be a part of the change! We LOVE everything we have encountered there & look forward to help serve in the College & 20's or preschool or media team or just wherever we are needed. But a part of me still longs to be a part of my "Daddy's church"...but this is a part of growing & maturing so even though it seems hard at times, I look forward to these changes.

This is a preview of what is coming to The Journey at Central...

Also, follow my Dad if you like :]

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