Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've heard it said many times before that it is my privilege as an American to vote. And I completely agree, but isn't it more than just a privilege? I feel like its a calling, I have a voice & by choosing not to vote for whatever reason it may be is silencing myself. I remember growing up my parents would get irritated when they would talk to certain members of our family that chose not to vote yet griped & complained about how horrible this government is & how such & such needs to be changed. Therefore, I stand by my parents when they say that if you choose to not vote, that is fine, its your decision. But by doing so you give up your rights to belly-ache about those certain things that you could've had the power to change. I turn 23 in January & in the past near 5 years I don't think I've missed an election. My dad always kept me posted on what was going on & it usually intrigued me so I never forgot to go to the polls. I want to focus on my dad for just a second. Even though he has very strong opinions, he has always pushed us girls to learn about politics on our own & to not vote for someone just because he did or just because Daddy thinks hes the right candidate. On that note, I think alot of my dad & his views. Although we disagree on some things, as far back as I can remember I have had the same opinions as he when it comes to politics.

This part makes me sick---We got married this past June & moved to a different county, which means that in order to vote here I needed to register in this county...Well you've probably guessed it, both Derek & I forgot to. My dad sent me a friendly reminder text over a month ago encouraging us to go register, but with everything going on we somehow forgot. This makes me so extremely irate at myself. I don't know why but I was looking forward to voting this time more than usual. Probably because I'm married now & feel all grown up. But nevertheless, I'll be biting my tongue when politics get brought up. So please vote & if you aren't registered, please go & do so as soon as you can. We all have a voice & I pray that you use yours accordingly. I also pray that you not only focus on candidates that might possibly benefit yourself but those that you feel are lead by God & will glorify Him.

"...praying this election won't benefit a political party, but the unborn, the poor, the hurting, & a confused society" Ed Stetzer

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