Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have been blown away these past couple months....God has blessed us in so many ways & I don't feel that I vocalize His blessings as much as I should. When we moved 3 hours away from home we were excited but also very scared. See, I've always been such a homebody & before we married I became very close to my parents. I didn't like the thought of having an entirely new world. The new job was nerve racking enough let alone new friends, church, house, everything! I was a bit of a pessimist at first; thank goodness Derek was so comforting & understanding. He was so positive & it got me excited. He is such a MAJOR gift to me. I truly feel that God designed him just for me; he makes up for all of the things I lack. I surprised him with a date night Thrursday to kind of thank him for being so great to me; little did I know, he had homework! But oh well ;) We had so much fun! The date wasn't extravagant or anything but the conversations were precious. I just love talking with him, we had such a great time. I know this is mushy but I just LOVE married life!

Another thing I'm so grateful for is our group of friends that seem to have came out of the woodworks all at the same time! Its seriously a bit creepy how amazing God works. He has brought so many great people into our lives that we didn't know we needed so desperately. When we moved here in June we started praying for friends. Now I know that seems a bit odd because society would say that if you want friends just go out & make some. But I wanted Him to direct us to people that were passionate for Him & that would not only help us grow individually but help us flourish as a couple. &&& OMGoodness that has happened!!! Many of them are married or about to be but even the people in our Journey Group that may not be going through the same things we are have been so amazing to be around. Its so great to have friends that have a hunger for God & His plan. Its such a blessing to have deep relationships with others that I feel are going to last for such a long time. We love this community & our church family so much & I couldn't have dreamed of a better group of friends.


  1. So proud of you both sissy!!!!

  2. Sweet post! You remind me so much of my son, Kale, and his wife, Kayla. You are Derek have been a blessing to me.