Thursday, December 2, 2010


Derek & I have been attending Central since the very first week we moved to Jonesboro {June 5, 2010}. It was apparent early on that Central was where we needed to call our home :) I've said before how being a PK had its ups & downs & church home searching was not something the two of us were looking forward to, luckily we didn't have to search long. God had a plan for us at Central & we are still continuing to find out what that is....

Agghh! I'm getting off the subject of why I started this post in the first place haha. I was recently asked by my friend & fellow Bloggess Heather if I would be interested in joining the team of writers on the blog for our women's ministry at church {Radiant} & let me just tell you I wanted to jump up & down! [actually our friend Courtney spilled the beans before Heather could get a chance to ask me teehehe ;)] Anyway, this made me soooo happy & I felt {still feel} like a little girl with all of this excitement! I have already been praying about what my first post to the Radiant blog will be about, I don't want it to be Meagan please pray that He speaks through me. & also pray that as a team; with Christ's love, we are able to touch those who might not have been reached yet by others. I can't wait to see what God has in store for this ministry & the lives that will be touched by it. Thank you for checking out my blog & please go check out Radiant as well sometime :) FYI-our new Journey Campus launch is in a few weeks so be praying for that!

Ohhhhh & btw, I know I've posted this to my facebook before but I heard it again today & just wanted you to check it out...I love This Song, enjoy! {as if I've not added enough links to this post already haha}

"Those who look to Him are radiant with joy; their faces will never be ashamed"-Psalms 34:5{HCSB}

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  1. How exciting for you!! I'm so glad that you are loving your new church home.