Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy being Lazyy

So I tried to blog more than once a week but I just dont think I am devoted enough. I seem lazy but we are sooo busy & sometimes I feel like I dont really have a night to just sit at home & blog or just chill. But I love our life right now so I wouldnt change it. We just have something going on every night but I love blogging as well so much so I will try harder to find time :) While getting ready for the A-State football game yesterday(btw we lost, such a bummer) I turned around to find this...
I think Derek got a liiittle lazy...

I asked why he was sitting in there & he said that he was just lazy & sat down to tie his shoes then realized he needed to update his Fantasy Football. Haha I love that Goob!

So tonight our church is hosting the Brandon Heath & Jars of Clay concert! Kinda excited because we played Brandon Heath's song, Love Never Fails, at our wedding. I loveeee that song soo much :)

&&& I also love THIS Jars of Clay song. So, I am very excited for tonight...Wish you could all join us! If you are ever in the Jonesboro area come & check Central out. God is doing some amazing things here at our church & we are so excited to be involved!

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  1. I'll bet he was really in timeout, wasn't he?