Monday, November 15, 2010

a great "case of the Mondays"

Burrr! This morning was so cold but I was glad to get to wear my tights & boots ;)


Now it really feels like its almost HOLIDAY season! Which reminds me, I have been sort of down thinking about Christmas when it comes to the decorating part this year because our apartment is so small & we really dont need to spend alot of money decorating it so I had planned on getting decorations afterwards this year so I could hit all of the great sales (which I still plan to do). Plus I need to focus more on others instead of just making my home look better. But I think I will make a trip to Hobby Lobby here pretty soon just for a FEW things because there is something about decorationg for our FIRST Christmas as the Pearson's that excites me, sooo I will have to see what I can do on a small budget!

Today has been a such great day. Thank you Lord for surrounding me with so many amazing people. I know that I say this alot but I never dreamed of loving this place as much as I do. My biggest fear was feeling alone & missing my friends & family. But God is WAY bigger than we think He is & I am so thankful that He had my parents moving close to us in His plans! It is so great being able to have lunch with them & hear all about the amazing things God is doing with their new church plant (Wellspring) I somewhat wish we werent both so musy & could visit more often but I'm gratefull for the time I get right now.

To top off the marvelous day my Daddy picked me up for lunch & that sweet Hubs of mine joined us!

I love these two men so much! They make me want to be a better person. Real godly men are very rare in this world & I am blessed with so many in my life.
We have Journey group tonight & I cant wait. It is always the highlight of my week! Yummy food, great conversation & amazing friends make Mondays feel not so...Monday :)


  1. your blog is super cute!! =) and it was very cold this morning annnnd i have those exact same boots! haha.

  2. I'm getting geared up for the holidays... now that the cold weather appears to be here. I can totally understand wanting to do something special for your first Christmas as a family.

    You'll have to get Tyler on Twitter... don't think he's all that into it. Ha!