Friday, November 19, 2010

New Crib ;)

Yesterday was crazy! The phones felt like they rang all day at work &....we got a new place! So we've been looking, praying, wishing for a place in a safer/better part of town for a few months but we just didn't know if we should mess with the hassle of moving into just a one bedroom if we're gonna move again in like a year. Because we planned on looking for houses to BUY when Derek graduates in May [because our lease was up in May] But we found out recently that Derek wont been done with school until next December so we wont be able to afford a 2 bedroom apt or a home until hes ALL done with school. We're totally okay with a one bedroom though; as long as we don't get preggers anytime soon haha ;)

We went to look at these new apartments across town yesterday at lunch & NEVER dreamed of moving things in that night...after Matt & Courtney's shower {haha shout out}! It ended up being the same owner that we rent from now so we dont have to pay closing costs or any of that because we're just moving into another one of his apartments. The rent isnt much more than what we pay now & the place is wayyy nicer & its brand new, like they were built only a few months ago. My favorite part is the kitchen though! Its still small but its so cute :) The location is really what sold us, its a much better part of town than where we are now. I will be honest, I didn't even feel safe walking from my car to our apartment at night at our old place. But I'm sure that has to do with me being from a small town. But there were sooo many people that warned us about the part of town that we lived in & that made it harder to feel safe. When we were looking at it yesterday {& taking goofy pics lol} I just had this nervous feeling & I said that I thought we needed to rest on it & pray about it more. Mainly because I'm a worry wort & I don't like change haha. Derek was okay with that; he is always so calm. I said I wanted to pray right then & He just grabbed me (in the apt, in the empty kitchen lol) & started praying... 

He said something along the lines of--"God, we just want to be good stewards of Your money & we don't want to jump into anything with out seeking Your will first. We feel that this is an answered prayer from You but we don't want our desires to over power what You have for us. So we just ask that You open or close the door to this opportunity & give us a peace about whatever it is that we should do." [can I just say that Jesus blessed me with such an amazing man ;)]

So we headed over to the office to just talk with them about possibilities & on the way there we thought about all of our expenses & decided that we weren't going to pay any more than $50 more than we pay now but we weren't going to tell them that (Derek is a good bargainer haha)...WELL, guess how much they offered us after we bargained for a while? $50 more than we pay now haha...I don't know about anyone else but I think thats a God thing for them to say that the lowest they can go is our "secret" amount & thats without them knowing it!

I've never been a big fan of renting because I feel like its throwing our money away & not getting anywhere but I feel like this is such an answered prayer! Its something we've been praying for & kind of worrying about for a while (which is silly, it goes back to my TRUST issue) but we are so grateful to God. I just cant stress enough that this is an answered prayer...&&& I really do have a peace about it now.

We have had some really great friends offer to help us move & that is such a major blessing in itself! We cant thank God enough for blessing us with such amazing friends.

I hope to get some cute pics of our new place after we get settled in & of course after all of my Christmas stuff is up ;)


  1. What a blessing!!! I got teary-eyed reading Derek's prayer. That's just the kind of heart God looks for.

    I can't wait to see pictures!!

  2. i agree with jacquie!! i just love derek's prayer =) i can't wait till you guys visit... i may have just to come see y'll hehe.

    and i'm so happy for you guys to get the apt! amazing how God works. it was just meant to be!! =)